SSWR 2021 Board Nominations. Deadline Extended: 9/30/2021

September 15, 2021

Dear SSWR members,

Strong and committed leadership is essential to SSWR’s ongoing success. As a member of SSWR, please consider nominating yourself or a colleague for inclusion on the next election ballot for the SSWR Board of Directors.

Nominations are open for the following positions for the governance year commencing February 1, 2022:

  • one vice president-elect
  • one treasurer
  • two directors-at-large
  • one student director-at-large

The election ballot shall include two nominees for vice president-elect, two nominees for treasurer, four nominees for the two directors-at-large positions, and two nominees for the student director-at-large.

The Nominations and Elections Committee is committed to include nominees who represent diversity including but not limited to race, ethnicity, nation, institutional representation, gender identity and sexual orientation, social work research topic areas, and career levels.

Prospective nominees should be prepared to carry out the duties described below as well as additional tasks required for SSWR’s governance.


Vice President-Elect (Three-year term in total: February 1, 2022 – January 31, 2025)

The Vice President-Elect shall serve a one-year term as Vice President-Elect. The Vice President-Elect will assist the Vice President in the Vice President’s role as chair of the Conference Committee. Immediately following the Vice President-Elect’s term, the Vice President-Elect shall ascend to the office of Vice President.

The Vice President-Elect serves as a member of the program committee, plans and coordinates the pre-conference methodology workshops and provides direct support to the Vice President in planning the annual conference. The Vice President-Elect serves on the executive committee. The Vice President-Elect becomes the Vice President in the second year of their term. The Vice President serves a one-year term and chairs the conference program planning committee, which plans and coordinates the annual conference program.  During periods when there is no President-elect, the Vice-President shall serve as President in the event of the President’s resignation, lengthy absence, or incapacity, until the office of President is filled according to the procedures applicable to filling vacancies among the officers. The Vice President serves on the executive committee. Immediately following a Vice President’s term as Vice President, such person shall serve a one-year term as Past Vice President. The Past Vice President shall assist the Vice President in their duties and shall fulfill such other duties as directed by the Board.

Treasurer (Three-year term: February 1, 2022 – January 31, 2025)

The Treasurer will serve a three-year term. The Treasurer (with support from the Society’s professional staff) shall be (i) responsible for the receipt and disbursement of the funds of the Society subject to authorization of the Board of Directors; (ii) be responsible for oversight of the Society’s financial records and preparation of financial statements; (iii) to the extent required by law or otherwise requested by the Board or the Audit Committee, arrange for an independent audit of the accounts or review of the financial statements annually with a certified public accountant selected by the Board or a designated audit committee comprised of independent directors; (iv) with approval from the Board of Directors, sign contracts and other authorized documents on behalf of the Society; and (v) prepare an annual budget based on plans developed by the Board of Directors and the relevant committees and committee chairs.

Director-at-Large (Three-year term: February 1, 2022 – January 31, 2025) 

A Director-at-Large may be asked to serve in the following capacities, i.e., chair or co-chair of the following committees: nomination and election committee; awards committee; committee on publications; communications committee, fund development committee, membership committee, social policy committee; research capacity development committee; volunteer coordinator for the annual conference; and members of ad hoc committees and task forces which support the work of the Society’s Strategic Plan. Nominees should be prepared to take on one or more of these roles if asked by the President.

Student Director-at-Large (Two-year term: February 1, 2022 – January 31, 2024)

The Student Director-at-Large shall serve as Chair of the Doctoral Student Committee and represents student interests on the Board of Directors. The Student Director-at-Large serves on the Conference Committee and plans the doctoral student panel and luncheon at the annual conference. Note that this position is currently reserved for a doctoral student. Nominees should have a minimum of two years remaining in their doctoral studies.

Qualifications sought in Board nominees include:

  • Leadership
  • Support for and commitment to SSWR and its mission
  • Experience and stature as a researcher
  • Communication skills
  • Availability and ability to fulfill commitments as a Board member

Nomination Procedures

Please submit a letter of nomination (self-nominations are encouraged), two letters of endorsement, and the nominee’s Curriculum Vitae electronically to Linda Sprague Martinez, chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee, at with a copy to Jennifer Lewis, executive director, Please send the required documents as an attachment(s) in one email. Please name the file(s) SSWR_elections_nomination [last name]_[position title, e.g., vp-elect]_[nomination, letter of support, CV]. You may send all required documents compiled into one pdf.

Nominations are now due Thursday, September 30, 2021. All nominees must be current members of the Society and shall have been members of SSWR for at least one year prior to their nomination for office. Nominators and those endorsing the nomination must also be current members of the Society. (Please email Kristen Reamy at to verify membership status.) Prior to nomination, the nominator must ensure that their nominee will accept the nomination if it is offered.


Linda Sprague Martinez, PhD
Chair, Nominations and Elections Committee

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