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Conceptualizing to Finished Products

  • Writing for Academic Journals presents tips on structure and common mistakes authors make. This 20-page document isn’t a quick read; however, it provides advice to advanced students. By Daryl J. Bem at Cornell University.
  • Research Proposals presents guidelines, sections to include, and common mistakes in proposals. By The University of Hawaii.
  • Publishing Advice for Graduate Students presents the hidden secrets behind publishing. By Thom Brooks.
  • Writing Your Journal Article in Twelve Weeks gives an overview of Wendy Laura Belcher’s book which breaks down the writing process into small, manageable tasks to help writers prepare a manuscript for publication in 12 weeks. By Sage.


  • Conference Abstracts presents tips on writing abstracts for conference submission. By Shai Halevia.


  • Dissertation Introduction provides questions to address in the first chapter of your dissertation. This information may also be helpful with other paper introductions. By

Literature Review/Background

  • Writing the Literature Review presents the purpose, audience, and questions to answer in a review. By The Library@saint Mary’s.
  • Literature Review Links presents links to universities around the world on writing literature reviews. This site requires a little time navigating. By Portland State University.

Paper Format

  • APA Style presents answers to common questions on formating. By APA online.
  • Chicago Style presents answers to questions about developing a manuscript. By The Chicago Manual of Style Online.

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