Summary of Actions Taken: policy statements, sponsorship, sign-on letters

October 17, 2023: Social Work Leadership Roundtable Joint Statement on Peace for Israel and Palestine (view)

August 2, 2021An Urgent Social Work Call to Action for Global COVID-19 Vaccine Equity, #EndGlobalVaccineApartheid (view)

March 23, 2021Social Work’s Call to Action Against Pandemic Othering & Anti-Asian Racism (view)

November 2, 2020 Social Work Education Policy Principles 2020: A Call for Equity and Justice, CSWE, BPD, GADE, SSWR, NADD, and the St. Louis Group (download PDF)

August 14, 2020: Social Work Leadership Roundtable Townhalls on Racial Equity which included leaders from NASW, AASWSW, SSWR, NABSW, CSWE, GADE, ABSW, and NADD. To learn more about the program, please feel free to watch this video.

June 17, 2020: GADE Statement on Anti-Racism.  Approved by the Executive Committee. (view)

June 4, 2020: SSWR Call and Commitment to Ending Policy Brutality, Racial Injustice, and White Supremacy. Approved by the Board. (view)

April 10, 2020: SSWR Solidarity Amidst COVID-19. Approved by the Board. (view)

January 15, 2020: SSWR open letter to Congress.  Approved by the Board. (download PDF)

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