Call for Applications, PT Doctoral Student Social Media Coordinator

The Society for Social Work and Research is hiring a part-time Social Media Coordinator. The position of Social Media Coordinator is an outcome of SSWR’s Strategic Plan, II. Strategic Priorities, 4. Communication and Dissemination.


Job description for Social Media Coordinator

1. Attend SSWR Communications Committee monthly conference calls. 

2. Monitor SSWR Facebook and Twitter pages  

·     post substantive content three times per week, including quick snippets and more substantive material,

·     check pages consistently for inappropriate content

·     monitor emails for notifications of postings, likes, etc. and notify supervising volunteer

3. Improve SSWR’s visibility on Facebook and Twitter

·     generate # new page views and new # likes per month

·     generate # tweet impressions per month of content – double current rate and sponsor page

4. Generate discussion via social media  

·     post discussion questions one to two times per month – popular prevention topics – generate interest from academics and non-academics

·     generate 10 to 15 responses to begin and in later months

·     generate 25 to 30 responses – monitor responses

·     post polls in Facebook

5. Connect SSWR with other likeminded professional groups on social media – medical professionals, social workers, psychologists  

·     re-tweet or re-post material, acknowledging the group

·     follow groups or “like” their pages

·     work with research assistant to share page and increase visibility to other groups doing on the ground work

6. Search for content to post to social media 

·     collect relevant pieces to contribute to posts

·     one more lengthy article per week and one quick fact based on research per week (see above)

7. Post more frequently, facts about the conference/annual meeting once we get closer into December.  

8. Monitor social media analytics and report monthly or quarterly basis 

9. Attend 4-day, SSWR annual conference to coordinate and generate social media content 

Download PDF Job Description


Time requirement and compensation

  • $20 per hour
  • 4 hrs. per week, 50 weeks per yr. = 200 hrs. per year @ $20 per hour = $4,000
  • Travel support to attend annual conference: up to $2,000 (reimbursement based on receipts)


  • Must be enrolled in full-time social work doctoral degree program and have passed qualifying or comprehensive exams.
  • Must be SSWR member as of January 1, 2020

Application materials

  • Complete application form at
  • Brief (2 pages maximum, double-spaced, 12 pt. font, 1” margins) statement of prior related experience, i.e., managing social media for an academic organization, your own research lab, or other similar academic work product dissemination activities.
  • CV

Questions? Email Jennifer Lewis at

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