JSSWR, Journal of The Society for Social Work and Research

PRESS RELEASE: University of Chicago Press to Publish JSSWR (Click here to read)


The University of Chicago Press announces the addition of the Journal of the Society for Social Work and Research to its journals program. (Click here to read UCP PRESS RELEASE)


JSSWR, Volume 1, Number 1 (2010) Inaugural Issue Now Available!
SSWR President Announces JSSWR Inaugural Issue (PDF)

Dr. Mark Fraser Appointed JSSWR Editor-in-Chief

The Journal for the Society for Social Work and Research (JSSWR) is open and prepared to receive manuscripts for publication. See: www.jsswr.org

JSSWR is an official publication of the Society for Social Work and Research. Its purpose is to provide a venue for the timely publication of research that advances knowledge of social
problems, programs, and policies. Special emphasis is placed on publishing findings from
studies assessing the effectiveness of social and health interventions, be they targeted at
individuals, organizations, communities, or public policies. JSSWR publishes rigorous empirical research that advances knowledge useful for designing social programs, developing innovative social policies, and improving social work practice.

An open-access journal, JSSWR is produced in electronic format only. It is organized to provide rapid, high-quality reviews of manuscripts. It uses an Internet-based editorial process for making publication decisions and for reducing the time between the submission and, when
reviews are positive, the publication of manuscripts. The intended audience of JSSWR includes the membership of SSWR and the broader population of practitioners, administrators, and policy makers who deal with social and health problems.

The journal considers all forms of research, including qualitative, quantitative, comparative, and mixed methods. JSSWR welcomes both full-length and brief reports, and focuses on research relevant to a wide array of substantive fields and disciplines. Original, research-based work that addresses important social or health problems is expected.

Replication studies and studies with null findings are welcome. On the other hand, submission of manuscripts based on weak designs is discouraged. Meta-analytic reviews of literature derived from the application of an articulated methodology will be reviewed. Otherwise, manuscripts that are not based on research will be returned to authors without review. Prior to submission, manuscripts should be thoroughly edited. The grammatical style and format of the American Psychological Association is required. For information on the submission of manuscripts, see: http://www.journals.uchicago.edu/journals/jsswr/instruct

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