In Memoriam

The Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR) would like to acknowledge our colleagues, who have passed:

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Marion Bogo, PhD
University of Toronto

Larry E. Davis, PhD
University of Pittsburgh

Rod Ellis, PhD
The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Michael Stokeley Kelly, PhD
Loyola University Chicago

David Patterson Silver Wolf, PhD
Washington University in St. Louis


Richard J. Gelles, PhD
University of Pennsylvania

Rosalie Ann Kane, PhD
University of Minnesota

Tony Tripodi, PhD
Columbia University


Amy Cohen-Callow, PhD
University of Maryland

Alberto Godenzi, PhD
Boston College

Zeke Hasenfeld, PhD
University of California, Los Angeles

Hideki Anthony Ishisaka, PhD
University of Washington

Felice Pelmutter, PhD
Temple University

Steven Paul Schinke, PhD
Columbia University

Barbara White, PhD
The University of Texas at Austin


James “Jim” Hall, PhD
Indiana University

Donna Harrington, PhD
University of Maryland

Matthew O. Howard, PhD
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Kevin Marett, PhD
Brigham Young University

Edward Newman, PhD
Temple University


William Bradshaw
The University of Tennessee, Knoxville


Julie Drake
University of Maryland

Toni Johnson
University of Kansas

William (Bill) Meezan
Fordham University

Martha N. Ozawa
Washington University in St. Loui

Penelope Trickett
University of Southern California

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