2025 Conference Committee

2024 Conference Committee

Mary Ohmer, PhD (University of Pittsburgh), Vice President and 2025 Conference Chair, mlo51@pitt.edu

Hyeouk “Chris” Hahm, PhD (Boston University), Vice President-elect, hahm@bu.edu

Kirk Foster, PhD (The University of Texas at Arlington), Past Vice President kirk.foster@uta.edu

Ramona Denby-Brinson, PhD (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), President, rdenby-brinson@unc.edu

Sean Joe, PhD (Washington University in St. Louis), Past President, sjoe@wustl.edu

Hee Yun Lee, PhD (The University of Alabama), Student Volunteer Coordinator, hlee94@ua.edu

Joan Blakey, PhD (University of Minnesota-Twin Cities), Awards Committee Chair, blak0014@umn.edu

Fatima Mabrouk, MSW (New York University), Doctoral Student Director-at-Large and Doctoral Student Committee Chair, fam360@nyu.edu

David J. Pate, Jr., PhD (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), Social Policy Committee Chair, pated@uwm.edu

Justin Harty, PhD, MSW (Arizona State University), RCDC Co-chair, justinharty@asu.edu

Karen Bullock, PhD (Boston College), RCDC Co-chair, K.Bullock@bc.edu


Jennifer Lewis, Executive Director, lewis@sswr.org

A. DeeJay Hastings, Program Director, dj@sswr.org

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