2021 Virtual Conference Nuts and Bolts

SSWR VIRTUAL CONFERENCE. Please read to maximize your virtual conference experience!

We look forward to seeing you at the SSWR 2021 Virtual Conference “Social Work Science for Social Change,” January 19 – January 22, 2021.

Virtual Conference and Session Access

The Virtual Event Platform will go live January 15.  When the site goes live, you will receive an email from web@sswrvirtual.com with your login. You will be able to access the full schedule and presenters’ supplemental materials.

Download Zoom in order to access and join the virtual sessions. You must download Zoom on your device. If you want to sign up for the free account, click below to get started.

Your virtual conference registration gives you access to the Post Conference Events (more information to follow). Throughout 2021, you will have unlimited virtual access to the post-conference events, e.g., abstract-based workshops, special interest group (SIG) meetings, and poster forums.

Additionally, all LIVE presentations will be recorded and available on the Virtual Event Platform throughout 2021.

Registered presenters and attendees will be able to access the sessions through the Virtual Event Platform – see steps below:

  1. Check the daily schedule.
  2. Find the session you want to attend.
  3. Click on the session title.
  4. Click on the Zoom link.

Once inside Zoom, presenters will be made co-hosts so that they can screen share their presentations. Presenters should arrive 5 to 10 minutes early for this process. It is important that sessions end on time to allow the next session to start as scheduled.

Attendees will access the sessions by following the above steps.  Attendees and presenters will then be able to be seen by turning their camera and microphone on to speak when appropriate.

Q & A and Communication Features

Attendees will be able to ask questions  through the Chat feature and by posting on the Jamboard for each session.  Chairs and presenters will need to monitor the Chat and Jamboard during discussion times.

Jamboard is an interactive whiteboard developed by Google. It allows users to collaborate together virtually on a whiteboard. Each session will have a Jamboard. The links to the Jamboard are located on the session pages. Users can click on the link to open the Jamboard and participate. You do not need a Google account in order to do so. Please note: Jamboard will open in the web browser, not inside Zoom. Users will need to toggle between the two if they want to participate in the Jamboard. However, for those simply wanting to view the Jamboard, it will be shown in the Zoom meeting.

Slack communications will also be available to all conference attendees.  We will be setting up channels for each of the 28 clusters, and other groups, e.g., SIGs, doctoral students, early career, just to name a few.  More information on how to participate will follow.

Spread the Word
Social media postings are also encouraged.  Tweet about your conference experience at #SSWR2021.

CEU Verification

For registrants who signed up for CEUs.  Your entry and exit into each session will be monitored by your personalized login. You must attend the full session to get CEU credit. You must register for CEUs ($20 fee) in order to earn CEUs. More info on CEUs at https://sswr.org/2021-conference-home/continuing-education-units/.

Register early to ensure access

For those who have not registered, in order to gain access to the Virtual Event Platform, you must register for the virtual conference AT LEAST one-hour before the start of the session(s) you want to attend. This will allow the system to generate and email your access codes.

SSWR Anti-Harassment Policy Updated for 2021 Virtual Conference

The SSWR annual and work group meetings are designed to create intellectually stimulating scientific environments that are welcoming, inclusive and free from any form of harassment that is based on race, ethnicity, or national origin, gender, gender identity or gender expression, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, socioeconomic, marital or parental status. This Anti-Harassment Policy delineates the expectations that we hold for anyone who attends or participates in the annual meeting or any other SSWR meeting, whether in-person or virtually, including attendees, SSWR members, SSWR and venue staff, vendors, contractors, and exhibitors; serves as a member of the board; or serves on a SSWR work group or taskforce. Click here for the policy.

Thank you very much.

SSWR Conference Team

Questions? info@sswr.org

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