Conference Committee

Vice President and 2020 Conference Chair
Alan Dettlaff, PhD (University of Houston), ajdettla@Central.UH.EDU

Volunteer Coordinator
Liz Aparicio, PhD (University of Maryland),

RCDC Representative
Jenn Bellamy, PhD (University of Denver),

Student Member-at-Large
Emma Carpenter, MSW (University of Wisconsin-Madison),

Awards Chair
Jorge Delva, PhD (Boston University),

Ruth E. Dunkle, PhD (University of Michigan),

Immediate Past Vice President and 2019 Conference Chair
Tonya Edmond, PhD (Washington University in St. Louis),

Vice President-Elect and Thursday Workshops/Special Sessions Chair
Amanda Moore McBride, PhD (University of Denver),

Luis Zayas, PhD (University of Texas at Austin),



Executive Director
Jennifer Lewis, CAE,

Program Director
DeeJay Garringo, CAE,

Conference Coordinator
Patty Couch, CMP, (Travelink)

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