Conference Committee

Karina Walters, PhD, Vice President and Conference Chair, University of Washington
Diane DePanfilis, PhD, Immediate Past Vice President, Hunter College
Tonya Edmond, PhD, Vice President-elect, Washington University in St. Louis
James Herbert Williams, PhD, President, University of Denver
Ruth Dunkle, PhD, President-elect, University of Michigan
Liz Aparicio, PhD, Volunteer Coordinator, University of Maryland
Laura Abrams, PhD, Awards Chair, University of California, Los Angeles
Renee Cunningham-Williams, PhD, RCDC Representative, Washington University in St. Louis
Rebecca Rebbe, MSW, Student Representative, University of Washington

Jennifer Lewis, CAE, Executive Director
DeeJay Garringo, CAE, Program Director

Patty Couch, CMP, Conference Coordinator
Lindsay Buchanan, CMP, Registration and Exhibit Coordinator

If you have any questions, please contact: DeeJay Garringo, CAE,, 703-352-7797, ext. 2

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