2014 SSWR Board of Directors Elections

Welcome to the 2014 SSWR Board of Directors Elections!

This year, there are openings for one (1) President-Elect, one (1) Vice President-Elect, and two (2) Members-at-Large. The responsibilities of each open position are described below. In order for your vote to be valid, you must be a current SSWR member.

President-Elect nominees:

  • Karina L. Walters, PhD, MSW, University of Washington
  • James Herbert Williams, PhD, MSW, MPA, University of Denver

Vice President-Elect nominees:

  • Mark Courtney, PhD, MSW, University of Chicago
  • Diane DePanfilis, PhD, MSW, University of Maryland

Members-at-Large nominees: 

  • Renee M. Cunningham-Williams, PhD, MPE, LCSW, Washington University in St. Louis
  • Michael A. Lindsey, PhD, MSW, MPH, New York University
  • Lena Lundgren, PhD, Boston University
  • Trina Shanks, PhD, MSW, MPhil, University of Michigan

Each nominee has supplied a biographical sketch and vision statement. We encourage you to read the following materials carefully before you cast your vote. To cast your vote use the online ballot at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SSWR2014elections. Jennifer Lewis, the Administrative Director of SSWR, will be administering the online voting process. With this single exception, your ballot will be anonymous.

Voting deadline: Friday, December 19, 2014

(deadline: Friday, 12/19/2014)
View Descriptions of Open Positions View Nominees’ Bio and Vision Statement Download PDF Election Materials

Descriptions of Open Board Positions (terms start February 1, 2015)

President-Elect (four-year term including one year as President-elect, two-years as President, and one year as Immediate Past President)

The President-elect is expected to be a leader in the profession. He/she serves on the conference planning committee. The President-elect shall fulfill the duties of the President in case of the President’s absence, incapacity, or resignation. On occasion, he/she may be asked by the President to represent SSWR at national meetings.As President, he/she is responsible for all aspects of leadership of the Society, serves on committees of the Board as specified in the Bylaws, oversees the selection of the winner of the Distinguished Career Achievement Award, works closely with the Program Chair and Conference Planning Committee and makes a report to the membership each year as to the state of the Society and its likely future direction. As President, this individual arranges for the Presidential Plenary at the annual conference, represents the Society with Federal and other agencies, and (as prescribed by the SSWR By-Laws) appoints Board members-at-large to their respective responsibilities on existing and ad hoc committees. As necessary, the President chooses future sites for the annual conference in consultation with the Board and works toward contracting these sites. As Immediate Past-President he/she serves as a full, voting member of the Board and advises it on all matters of concern to the Society.

Vice President-Elect (three-year term including one year as Vice President-Elect, one year as Vice President and one year as Past Vice President/Past Conference Chair.)

The Vice President-elect serves as a member of the Program Committee, plans and coordinates the pre-conference methodology workshops and provides direct support to the Vice President in planning the annual conference. The Vice President-elect becomes the Vice President in the second year of his or her term. The Vice President chairs the Program Committee, which plans and coordinates the annual conference. The Vice President becomes the Past Vice President in the third year, serving as a member of the Program Committee. During periods when there is no President-elect, the Vice-President shall serve as President in the event of the President’s resignation, lengthy absence, or incapacity.

Board Member-at-Large (three-year term)

A member-at-large may be asked to serve in the following capacities: Chair, Nominations and Elections Committee; Chair, Excellence in Research, Chair, Outstanding Dissertation Awards Committees; Chair, Doctoral Fellows Award, Chair Deborah Padgett Early Career Award, Volunteer Coordinator for Annual Conference; Coordinator of Conference Evaluation; Chair, Committee on Publications. Nominees should be prepared to take on one of these roles if asked by the President.In addition to the above tasks, Board members are expected to be available for Board meetings before and during the annual conference, a mid-year meeting in March/April and monthly conference calls throughout the year as needed.Qualifications sought in Board nominees include:

  • Leadership
  • Support for and commitment to SSWR and its mission
  • Experience and stature as a researcher
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to fulfill commitments as a Board member
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